Bridge Hold Knee Crunch

Hey everyone!  It’s time for another Home Exercise of the Week and this week I have a great exercise that is going to isometrically work your hamstrings, glutes, shoulders, and triceps and it will also work your core.

It’s called the Bridge Hold Knee Crunch and it’s a great exercise that you can do for time or reps.  30 seconds each leg or 15 to 20 repetitions for each leg is a good place to start.

Let’s look at the key points to doing the Bridge Hold Knee Crunch.

  • sit on the floor, lean back slightly and place your hands on the floor behind you
  • keep your feet flat on the floor with your knees bent and drive your hips upward
  • keep your hips up throughout the movement and squeeze the glutes
  • take one foot off the floor and pull your knee in towards your chest while squeezing your abdominals
  • extend your leg back out and repeat for desired reps or time then switch legs to complete the set
  • to make this a bit easier, lay your upper body on the floor while performing the movement

So there you have the Bridge Hold Knee Crunch!  Give it a try and let me know how you do.  I will see you next week with another new exercise!

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