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I developed HomeBody Training after  years of working with clients in a gym setting. I found that the extra time it was taking for my clients to get to the gym, get changed, get cleaned up then get out the door back to their daily schedule of job, family, and friends, was working against them keeping up their commitment to an ongoing fitness routine.

That is why I made the decision to take my training to my clients’ home base.

My fitness focus is functional resistance training mixed with quality cardio using free weights, stability balls, jumping rope, and stairs and chairs taking advantage of what you already have in your home! Because of this I don’t require you to have a fancy gym set-up in your home. I bring with me all we need to get you set up doing a routine that will improve your endurance, your strength and your flexibility.


What I offer you:

  • Personalized workout programs
  • Flex hours to easily work into your daily routine
  • Functional resistance and cardiovascular training
  • In-home and outdoor boot camp/group fitness
  • Proper breathing and stretching techniques
  • Mind-Body connection
  • Nutritional guidance

So let’s start a conversation about your fitness aspirations! You can contact me, Craig Laffin, either by phone 226-789-2187 or through email (info@homebodytraining.ca) and I will set up a time to meet with you for a free consult on how I can help you reach your fitness goals!

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