Motivational Tip – One Step at a Time

A complete lifestyle overhaul all at once is a huge undertaking and can lead to feelings of being overwhelmed which can cause you to lose focus and give up. Instead focus on one small goal at a time and when staircasethat goal becomes a habit, focus on another one. An example of a small goal is adding more fruits and vegetables in to your diet. These small goals introduced one by one add up to big changes over time and before you know it your lifestyle will be completely different than it used to be!

Health Tip – Injury Nutrition

ankle-sprain-treatmentAcute injuries do happen from time to time whether it’s from working out, sports, or just accidents around the home. During the injury recovery time it is very important to feed your body the nutrients it needs and consume enough calories to speed up healing. Supplementing with some key micronutrients will help you heal faster and get you back to your routine. These micronutrients are Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Copper, and Zinc. Also, two minerals that play a vital role in injury prevention are Calcium and Iron. So make sure you are setting up a good environment in your body for healing so you can minimize your down time!