Starfish Crunch


The Starfish Crunch is a challenging but fantastic ab exercise that is going to work all your ab muscles as well as your hip flexors. This is more of an advanced move so make sure you take it slow at first and if you have lower back issues then I wouldn’t recommend this move until you have built up some good strength in your core with other ab and core exercises.

Let’s take a look at the key performance points of the Starfish Crunch.

  • start by laying on the ground with your arms and legs extended so that you’re creating an X position
  • pull your belly button in towards your spine to keep your abs engaged throughout the movement
  • in one move, lift your shoulders, arms, and legs off the ground and hug your knees to your chest
  • slowly lower your body back down to the ground and back in to the starting X position
  • make sure to keep your arms and legs slightly off the ground throughout the movement to keep tension in the abs
  • repeat the exercise for your desired amount of reps or time

So there you have the Starfish Crunch. Add this in to your ab routine and get those abs fired up! Let me know how you do in the comments below or if you have any questions.

See you next week with another new exercise!

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