Fitness Routines

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HomeBody Training is now offering individual workout routines to download and take with you.  Files are in PDF format and all exercises have links to video or picture examples of the exercises.  Download the workout to your computer to view or print out at home.  Download or save it to your smart phone or tablet to have with you wherever you go!

*You will need Adobe Reader to view PDF files.  Click here to download the latest version.

(Before doing any exercise routine please consult with your physician.  Discontinue any exercise that causes you pain or severe discomfort and consult a medical expert)

Full Body Resistance Workout

A mat, a couple of dumbbells, and a stability ball is all that is need for this great full body workout!  This circuit routine will strengthen all the major muscle groups while giving you an endurance building cardiovascular workout!

Click here to view the workout.

Once open, you can save this routine to your desktop or smartphone/tablet to have on hand at any time!

Hotel Room Body Weight Workout

Want to get a good workout in with no equipment right in your hotel room while traveling?  This full body no weight routine targets the major muscle groups of the body as well as your core muscles.  Keep the pace high to improve cardiovascular conditioning!

Click here to view the workout.

Home Workout of the Week Series

Each week a new workout will be featured for you to try out.  There will be a variety of routines ranging from Full Body workouts to Upper/Lower Body workouts as well as plyometric, bodyweight, and weight workouts.  Check out the blog each week for a new routine!

Click here to view the workout of the week.


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