Jump Lunge Hold

Hello everyone!  It’s time again for the Home Exercise of the Week.  I have a killer thigh burning and sweat inducing exercise for you today!  It’s called the Jump Lunge Hold and if the jumping part doesn’t cause you to shout profanities then the hold will. 😉

The Jump Lunge Hold is going to strengthen and build your quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes, and calves.  The hold is going to build muscular endurance and the jumping adds a plyometric aspect to the exercise increasing your explosive power and heart rate.  So overall this is a great leg exercise to add in to your routine and can be done anywhere with or without weights.

How to do this leg burner effectively:

  • keep your body upright with your chest out and back straight throughout
  • lunge down until both legs are at 90 degree angles
  • jump up pushing through the heel of your front foot
  • switch legs in the air and try to land softly keeping your weight distributed between your front foot and back toes
  • hold the lunge position for 3 to 5 seconds before switching legs

So that’s it for the Jump Lunge Hold.  Give it a try and I guarantee that it will strengthen and burn your thighs and butt!  If you are in one of my boot camps or a one on one client then you have this exercise to look forward to in your next session!  Happy lunge jumping. 🙂


Three Close Grip Pushup Superman

This week I have a combination exercise for the Home Exercise of the Week.  Combination exercises are great to add an extra challenge to your workout and you can target many muscle groups in one move.  The more muscles being used the more calories you will burn and the higher your metabolism will be.

The combination exercise I would like you to try this week is the Three Close Grip Pushup Superman.  I say three pushups but you can definitely do more or less before the superman.  The idea here is to do enough rounds of this in a set so you get around 10 to 15 total reps of each.

With the Three Close Grip Pushup Superman you will be working your triceps and lower back muscles primarily but you will also be working your chest, shoulders, and upper back muscles.

Let’s take a look at the key points to doing this exercise properly.

  • start by doing the pushups from your knees if you find you can’t go down all the way on the pushup portion of the exercise.  You can build up to doing the pushup from your toes over time.
  • keep your abs tight and body straight the whole time (no bending at the waist)
  • throughout the pushup you will want to keep your elbows tucked in to your sides…this will allow your triceps to do most of the work
  • keep your head in line with your spine throughout
  • during the superman part of the exercise keep your arms straight out in front of you and raise them up as high off the floor as you can while at the same time lifting your straight legs up as high as you can
  • hold the superman for a second or two then go right back to your close grip pushups

So there you have the Three Close Grip Pushup Superman.  Your lower back and arms will thank you for this one but I’m fairly certain you won’t be thanking me once you add this to your routine! 😉

One Arm Plank Shoulder Circles

It’s time to get your core and shoulders working with this Home Exercise of the Week!  In the video you’ll notice that this exercise has a really long name! (obviously at the time of filming it I couldn’t think of anything better)  So instead I have shortened it to One Arm Plank Shoulder Circles.

I’m going to be honest with you and say this exercise is hard!  That being said there are modifications to make it easier until you get stronger.

The plank part of the exercise is isometric which means the joint angle and muscle length doesn’t change during contraction.  This is really going to work your core!  The shoulder circle part of the exercise works your deltoids and in particular, your posterior deltoid and upper back muscles.

Let’s take a look at the key points to remember when doing One Arm Plank Shoulder Circles.

  • keep your feet wide to stabilize yourself during the movement
  • keep your body straight throughout (no butts sticking up!)
  • pull your belly button in towards your spine to keep your abdominal muscles flexed
  • raise one arm out to the side keeping it in line with your upper body
  • move your arm in small circles at an even, medium pace (this is going to burn!)
  • start by doing forward circles for 10 to 20 seconds or for 15 to 20 repetitions then go backwards for the same amount of time or reps
  • breath deeply and evenly throughout the exercise

As I mentioned earlier, there is a way to make the exercise easier if you are having trouble.  To do this, put your knees on the floor instead of being on your toes.  Keep in mind though that you still need to keep your body straight with this modification so no bending at the waist.

So there you have One Arm Plank Shoulder Circles!  If you have progressed to the point where this exercise is starting to get easy, try holding on to a dumbbell when doing the shoulder circles.  This will step up the intensity and maybe even cause you to utter some profanity while doing it!

V Crunch

I have a challenging, stomach and leg burning abdominal exercise for the Home Exercise of the Week!  It’s called the V Crunch and the lactic acid build up in your abs may make you want to cry but in the end it’s worth it!

The great part of this exercise is you will be working your upper and lower abdominals at the same time as well as your hip flexors.  That being said, if you have lower back issues I recommend only lowering your legs a little bit to keep the strain off your back or keep them up throughout the movement.

Some key points to remember when doing the V Crunch:

  • start by laying flat on your mat with your arms overhead and legs straight out
  • slowly raise your legs up keeping them straight while at the same time raising your arms and shoulders off the mat until your hands and legs meet in the middle and hold for a second before lowering
  • it’s important to keep your head in line with your spine during this move so you don’t strain your neck
  • slowly lower your arms and legs back down but stop before touching the floor.  This will keep the tension on your abs throughout the exercise
  • keep your abs flexed and your lower back pressed against the floor by pulling your belly button in towards your spine
  • exhale as you raise your arms and legs up and inhale on your way back down

So there you have the V Crunch.  Add this in to your ab routine or throw it in to a superset and feel the tear inducing burn!