This weeks exercise is a Burpee!  It is a very popular exercise used in group fitness classes and boot camps but I would say it’s not a very popular exercise for the people doing it!  The reason being is it is a challenging exercise that will test your strength and cardiovascular endurance.  Any full body movement that involves jumping gets the heart rate up high because all those working muscles are trying to get oxygen and your blood brings that oxygen to them.  More muscles used = increased cardiac output and increased oxygen uptake.

The Burpee shown in this video is a modified basic version and the burpee at the end is a regular basic version.  As I mentioned before, it is a full body movement working the muscles in your upper and lower body as well as strengthening your core, improving coordination and building cardiovascular endurance.  There are many variations to this exercise and I will be showing more versions in the future because I know how everyone just loves Burpees! 🙂

8 thoughts on “Burpee

  1. Yay! I got it right! Everybody loves burpees.

    The swearing that generally takes place while we do them is indication of how much we enjoy them!

  2. I thought it must be a burpee when you said it was not a favourite. It definitely is NOT a favourite of mine but it is probably an effective exercise. (You gave a beginner option but I need a beginner-beginner option so I do the jumping part after putting my hands on a bench. I can’t quite do the hands on the floor part yet.)

  3. It’s funny that everyone guesses it’s a burpee as soon as I mentioned it’s not a favourite! 🙂

    Yes it is very effective and good idea with putting your hands on a bench. That works great too and is much easier than going all the way down to the floor!

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