TRX Tricep Extension

Hey there, it’s time for a new Home Exercise of the Week.  I have a great TRX exercise for you that’s going to really target your tricep muscles.  It’s called the TRX Tricep Extension.  I should warn you though that your triceps could be quite sore the next day and you may have trouble washing your hair!

If you don’t have a TRX Suspension Trainer (I highly recommend getting one) you can also do this exercise on a table at home.  For a demo of that, check out this video:  How To: Triceps Extensions Using a Table

Let’s take a look at the key performance points of the TRX Tricep Extension.

  • attach your TRX to a door at home, a tree outside, or a soccer net at a park like you see in the video
  • depending on your fitness level, bring your feet close to the anchor point to make this exercise more challenging or keep your feet further away from the anchor point to make it easier
  • keep your hands and elbows close together and raise your arms up until your upper arms are parallel or slightly above parallel to the ground
  • shift your body weight through your arms and in to the handles of the straps so that there is constant tension throughout the exercise
  • bend at the elbows and let your body fall forward in a controlled manner until your hands are back and above your head
  • keeping your elbows close together, push out through the palms of your hands and raise your body back up until your arms are fully extended
  • squeeze the tricep muscles when your arms are fully extended and then repeat the movement for your desired amount of reps or time
  • maintain tight flexed abs throughout the exercise

So there you have the TRX Tricep Extension!  You may have trouble washing your hair after but it will be worth it.

Let me know how you do with this one in the comments below or if you have any questions.

See you next week with another new exercise!

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