Mountain Climber Kickback

Hey there!  I have a new Home Exercise of the Week for you to try and this week we’re going to focus on your core and glutes.

The exercise is called the Mountain Climber Kickback and it will primarily work your abdominals, glutes, and lower back.  It will also isometrically work your shoulders and arms.

Let’s take a look at how to do the Mountain Climber Kickback properly.

  • get in to a full plank position with your hands on the floor and in line underneath your shoulders
  • make sure your body is straight with your head in line with your spine, glutes flexed, and your belly button pulled in toward your spine
  • without raising your hips up too much drive your left knee up towards your left arm and crunch the abs
  • extend the leg back and raise it up while squeezing your glutes
  • repeat for desired amount of reps or time then complete a set with your right leg

So there you have the Mountain Climber Kickback.  Add this in to your workout routine and get your core and glutes burning!

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