Tricep Dip (Chair or Bench)

Another week has gone by and that means it is time for a new Home Exercise of the Week!

The Tricep Dip is a great exercise that can be done anywhere you can find a chair or bench (that being said, I don’t recommend doing this at random public places unless you want to get some strange looks or draw a crowd to watch your feats of strength).

The primary muscle group being targeted in this exercise are your triceps but you will also be working your anterior deltoids (front shoulders) and chest muscles.

Some tips to remember when doing the Tricep Dip:

  • place your hands close to your body on the chair
  • make sure to keep your elbows pointed back to ensure proper tricep muscle contraction
  • dip down until you feel a good stretch across your chest and in your front shoulders.  Your arms should be at 90 degree angles at this point.
  • when you get to the top of the movement, straighten your arms to get a nice tricep contraction
  • if you want to make this exercise even more challenging, try putting your feet up on a stability ball or rest some weight plates on your thighs!

So there you have the Tricep Dip.  Now Chairs aren’t just for sitting any more!  They are a multi-purpose exercise tool that can be used to build and tone some strong and sexy arms!