Training and Nutrition Tip – Plateau’s

Sometimes a plateau is reached in your training program after initial progress. This is due to your body being lighter and burning less energy with every activity you do. To get over this plateau either increase your activity, consume a little bit less food with each meal, or a combination of both. If you are trying to gain lean muscle mass then you need to consume more calories during each meal. Measure your progress often so you can adjust your plan and minimize the occurrence of these plateau’s!



The Home Exercise of the Week this week is the Helicopter.  I could have called it a squat jump with a 180 degree turn but that’s pretty boring!  This is a plyometric exercise that will target your quads, hamstrings, and glutes while building explosive power and improving agility and coordination.

Also, since this is a plyometric movement that requires many muscle groups to work together, your cardiovascular system will be working hard and your body will require a lot more oxygen.

Is this a challenging exercise?  A big YES to that question!  The movement itself is fairly straight forward but the challenge comes with the jumping and turning part of the exercise.  Your heart pumps faster and harder and your breathing rate increases quite a bit to get that much needed oxygen to your muscles.  But…the rewards to doing this exercise and many others like it far outweigh the uncomfortable feeling while doing it.  You will burn more calories with this exercise than just a regular squat and if your goal is fat loss then definitely try adding this to your routine!