Hitchhiker Pushup


The Hitchhiker Pushup is a great variation of the pushup that’s going to work your chest, shoulders, triceps, core, and upper back. This exercise is much more challenging than a regular pushup so start off slow until you get the move down and if you have trouble doing the full pushup, you can start with the modified from-the-knees version. 

Let’s take a look at the key performance points of the Hitchhiker Pushup.

  • start by getting in to a full pushup position with your hands and feet wider than your shoulders and keep your hands in line with your chest
  • squeeze your abs and your glutes to keep your body nice and straight and to prevent your hips from dropping
  • now lower your body down towards the floor until you’re almost touching while keeping your arms at about a 45 degree angle from your body
  • push back up and once you have returned to the starting position, extend your right arm and thumb up while bracing your abs until you feel a nice squeeze on your upper back and rear shoulders
  • lower your arm back down to the floor and repeat your pushup
  • now you will extend your left arm and thumb up once you have returned back to the starting position after the pushup
  • keep alternating arms after each pushup for your desired amount of reps or time
  • to perform the slightly easier version, do your pushup from your knees and then lift your knees off the floor and come up on your toes to do the arm raise

So there you have the Hitchhiker Pushup. Try this variation of the traditional pushup and let me know how you do in the comments below or if you have any questions.

See you next week with another new exercise!