A healthy, vibrant, and energetic being is our natural state.  Feeding ourselves healthy food and taking care of our bodies through exercise plays a big part in maintaining that natural state of being and it helps tremendously.  Above these two and the most important factor to maintaining our natural state is Presence.  So what is “Presence” anyway?

The best way to explain it is to describe the feeling I get when I’m “Present” or in the “Zone” as I like to call it.

When I’m in the “Zone”, I feel energized, enthusiastic, and confident about what I want to do.  There is no resistance of any kind – physical, mental, or emotional.  I have a powerful urge and feeling of motivation to move forward with focus.  I have no fear, no doubt, and do things without hesitation.  I have complete faith and trust that things are unfolding the way they are supposed to and that I will get to where I want to go.  I have enormous appreciation and enjoyment for whatever I’m doing at the moment no matter what it is.

So your next question might be, “Well how do I get to that state of mind?”.

There are many ways to condition yourself to this state of mind and it does get easier with practice.  First and foremost, try to let go of controlling every uncontrollable situation in your life.  A feeling of trust and belief will bring what you want to you.  It’s inevitable that things come in to your life that can be viewed as a bad thing but what really matters is that you don’t let these things stop you from getting to your goal and what you have envisioned for yourself.

Next, try to not complain about anything in your life.  There are two ways of complaining.  One is vocally to anyone who will listen and the other is internally with your thoughts.  Try not complaining for a week and see how much things around you change.  It takes practice but with time it gets easier and you will then be more in the habit of only talking about the good things going on around you.

Finally, take care of yourself and your body.  You have to start appreciating yourself and believing that you are worthy.  A feeling of unworthiness comes from years of negative thoughts and it’s actually a state that a lot of people are conditioned in to.  This can come through childhood exposure to the beliefs of adults around them, through exposure to negative television programs, and listening to negative complaints from people around them to name a few.  The list goes on but basically we’ve all had certain beliefs growing up that don’t necessarily help or serve us.

So how do you alleviate these feelings of unworthiness and negativity?  Yoga and meditation can help to release these negative emotions.  Saying positive affirmations to keep focused on how we want our life to be helps tremendously as well.  A belief is basically just a thought we keep saying to ourselves over and over again so affirmations can be very effective in reconditioning our thought patterns.  Exercising to strengthen our body and mind is a great starting point also as this will build up confidence and focus and  it will build a strong connection between your mind and your body.  I like to do a combination of all of these things to bring balance and when I do this, I enter my “Zone”.  There’s nothing like it and when you are in the present moment, you will know.

Let your feelings be your guide.  Follow those thoughts that make you feel good and you’ll soon find yourself in the “Zone” and on your way back to that healthy, vibrant, and energetic being that you naturally are!