New Year


Many people make fitness resolutions for the new year and that is awesome if you have.  I too have made goals for myself this year but I came across this and it made me realize just how important gratitude is.

Life can get hectic and we can get caught up with things that may seem important at the time but in the big picture they really aren’t that big of a deal. The important stuff in life are the little things…the smiles, the kindness, the laughing, small gestures for people, magical moments that make your skin tingle, anticipation and excitement of seeing a loved one, helping others, a positive word of encouragement from and to people, noticing the beauty of life that surrounds us, and the many other little things that when you look back on your life you will realize just how important they all have been to you.

My biggest resolution this year is to not take things for granted and to let gratitude of all the amazing little things in life be my dominant feeling.  Have an amazing year everyone!