Plank Shoulder Tap

Hey there, it’s time for a new Home Exercise of the Week! This week I have a great core exercise to show you called the Plank Shoulder Tap.

This is a great exercise to work your transverse abdominis which is the deepest layer of your abs that stabilize the entire low back and core muscles. It will also work your glutes, arms, wrists, and shoulders, as well as improving your balance and coordination. 

Let’s take a look at the key performance points of the Plank Shoulder Tap.

  • start in a full pushup position with your hands directly under your shoulders
  • separate your feet a bit to add some extra stability
  • keeping your abs tight and your hips as steady as possible, lift one hand and tap it on your opposite shoulder
  • return your hand to the floor and repeat on the other side
  • make sure to keep your abs as tight as possible to prevent your hips from rotating as you tap your shoulder

So there you have the Plank Shoulder Tap. Add this great core exercise to your routine and get those deep ab muscles fired up! If you find this exercise a little too challenging at first, you can modify it by dropping down to your knees and performing the exercise as described. This will reduce the amount of body weight you are holding.

Let me know how you do with this one in the comments below or if you have any questions.

See you next week with another new exercise!