TRX Single Leg Burpee

The Home Exercise of the Week series is back and new videos are coming! I found a few in my archive that I haven’t posted before so they will be up before the new ones and this week I have a challenging full body exercise to show you called the TRX Single Leg Burpee.
The TRX Single Leg Burpee will target a number of muscle groups including chest, shoulders, triceps, core, and the muscles of the legs. You can make this extra challenging by adding a pushup like I did on the third rep in the video.
Let’s take a look at the key performance points of the TRX Single Leg Burpee.
  • start in the pushup position with one foot in the handle of the TRX. The other foot remains elevated in the air
  • while keeping your abs tight, swing your free foot forward until it is on the ground underneath you
  • stand up from this position and jump as high as you can
  • after landing from the jump, put your hands back down on the ground in line with your chest and extend the free leg back until you are in the starting position
  • from here you can add a pushup to make it extra challenging and really work the chest, shoulders, and triceps. Make sure to keep your abs tight to keep your spine in a neutral position
  • perform your desired reps for that leg and then switch legs in the handle and repeat the same number of reps for that side

So there you have the TRX Single Leg Burpee. This is a very challenging but effective full body exercise. It will take some practice but once you get it down it is a great exercise to add to your full body routine to work multiple muscles and burn more calories!